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AP European History Examples and Hints / Helps
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Example of a College Level Book Review
This document IS NOT TO BE USED AS THE FORMAT FOR A BOOK REVIEW, It is purely an example of a college level book review that student can look over.
File name: AP European Book Review Example.docx | Size: 21.31 KB
Machievelli "The Prince" Book Review Format
This document provides guidance on how to write a Book Review for my AP European Class
File name: IN.doc | Size: 25.5 KB
Power Point (Not mine) on DBQ Questions
File name: DBQ_HowTo.ppsx | Size: 913.54 KB
Things ot remember about the DBQ Question
File name: Things to remember about the DBQ.doc | Size: 898.5 KB
Witch DBQ Student Grading Sheet {Peer Review)
File name: AP European History The Witch DBQ Peer Review and Comment Sheet[1].doc | Size: 30.5 KB
Witch DBQ example for style and structure
This example is intended to provide the student with an idea of how to compose a Thesis Paragraph and the first Para of the body of the essay. It shows how to identify the documents you are using, how to authors identify and confirm the authority/ validity of a quote), and where to place additional quotes and the statement of Point of View in the Paragraph. Subsequent Paragraphs in the body of the DBQ essay should be done in the same manner untilyou have proven all of the sub-topics that made up you answer to the DBQ question.
File name: AP European Example.doc | Size: 25.5 KB
File name: AP European Map of Utrecht.ppt | Size: 95 KB